Make money with Shoppix

SNAP YOUR RECEIPTS – GET PAID! – surprisingly, it’s not just about buying stuff! We would like to let you into our little secrets about making money – with which you can then go buying stuff!!

Between the three of us we have several ways of making extra cash. It’s fair to say that we don’t maximise these little gems of stash cash – within a lunch break we usually make a few quid each doing online surveys or grab a free lunch doing a mystery shopper task. But there is SO much more to be earned!

Thanks to the fabulously friendly site The Moneyshed (which we peruse EVERY SINGLE DAY), Shoppix grabbed our attention. It really seems like money for nothing – well, it’s actually sending photo’s of your shopping receipts so that they can be scrutinised, analysed and whatever else ised. It’s not a get rich quick scheme – far from it. But our plan is to pool the money we accumulate from Shoppix and all the other bits and bobs we’ve been introduced to thanks to The Moneyshed so that we can treat ourselves to a lavish night out. A night on the tiles which will make the other departments in our company envious (especially the sales office who enjoy at least one wild night out each month – the ‘quiet’ admin office ladies are never invited to these exclusive boozy do’s! We are quite sure they imagine our idea of a night out is a glass of wine whilst playing dominos…. if only they knew about last week’s 5a.m walk of shame after losing our taxi fare in a drunken slip down the steps..)

Anyway – SHOPPIX – here’s what you do;

Download the Shoppix app – if you get asked for a referral code, we would be splendidly delighted if you used ours – D367MM8Q.  You will get your first 100 points/tokens just for doing this and so will we.

Complete the profile questions

Next time you go to the shops, keep your receipts (try not to crease them).

Soon as you can, lay the receipt out flat in a bright light, open the app, snap and submit!

Once approved, you will get 30 tokens for each receipt, providing it is submitted on the day of purchase. Leave it til the next day and you will only get 25

It’s as easy as that! Now here’s a few helpful hints;

  • If you have a long receipt there is a ‘long’ option on the apps snapper. You have to take the pic in sections. The easiest way to make sure you’ve snapped all the sections is to make a mental note of a significant bit such as a ‘multibuy’ deduction.
  • View the receipt before you submit it. If it is blurred or if the store information, date, total etc are missing, the receipt will be rejected.
  • Once submitted, the receipt can take a couple of days to be approved. It is worth keeping hold of your receipt until approved because if they are rejected you can retake the picture and resubmit it.
  • When you have 3200 tokens, you can cash in for a fiver. 6000 tokens get you £10. We will  be cashing out at a tenner.
  • You can only send one receipt per retailer per day. So if you go to Asda and get a huge shopping receipt then go to the kiosk for a lottery ticket, the kiosk receipt is the easiest to snap and least likely to be rejected.
  • You can be awarded bonus tokens via virtual scratchcards and very short (i.e. less than a minute) surveys.

In short, this isn’t going to ever make a load of money so don’t even bother putting it on your list of things you can give up your full time job for. It’s taken us two weeks to amass 1935 points. We only do this for the five days a week we are in the office and on average four receipts a day. If there was any more involvement than taking a photo of a receipt, it probably wouldn’t be worth the effort.

If you’re interested in more info about making money online, have a look at The Moneyshed – lots of ideas and a super helpful forum.